“Она и трех дней не протянет!” – говорил ветеринар, предлагая усыпить котейку… Но девушка отказалась и стала ухаживать за крохой

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Котейку по кличке Пиппа нашли брошенной в парке вместе с братиками и сестричками. Добрые люди услышали плач малышей и принесли их домой…

За котятами следили всю ночь напролет. Состояние Пиппы вызывало у людей опасения.

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Yesterday was a REALLY hard day and if you have a weak stomach, you might want to stop reading this… – On Sunday night, I noticed that this little one had a huge wound near his butt. It was hard to get a good look at it though since they all were getting used to their new surroundings and would scream and wiggle when picked up. I had remembered hearing about maggots/ botflies making wounds in kittens about that size so I started frantically researching it in between feedings early Monday morning. I wasn’t 100% sure though and I was doubting myself. A few hours later, a maggot crawled out of the wound. Yes, a maggot!! It was so gross but I was able to flush out 5 more and ran to the first vet appointment I could get. At the vet, they advised I euthanize him and I started crying. The vet said he could flush the wound but there was no guarantee that it get all the maggots out and there was a possibility of him dying during the process. After speaking with the rescue, we decided to have them try to flush it and to fight for him. The vet got 4 more out and said if he is still alive in 3 days, that they’ll stitch up the wound. So far he’s made it through the night and has a bit more energy today than he did yesterday. Please keep him in your thoughts! I also want to thank you all for your love and support. I am beyond grateful for the donations and I am behind on messages, just trying to get him through these next few days. ❤️❤️

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Пришлось обращаться за помощью в нью-йоркскую спасательную группу, ведь малышам не было и недели, и они нуждались в круглосуточном уходе. Одна из волонтеров, Джесс Торен, вызвалась помочь.

Пиппу пришлось разлучить с другими малышами, поскольку сзади на туловище у нее была большая рана, наполненная личинками. И хотя Джесс смыла их, ветеринар сказал, что прогнозы очень плохие и лучше усыпить МУРлыку. Врач не гарантировал того, что кроха проживет хотя бы три дня.

Но Джесс решила дать маленькому пушистику шанс! Девушка по-прежнему уделяла малышке много внимания, борясь за ее жизнь!

Да и крошечная Пиппа тоже не собиралась сдаваться! Она с аппетитом кушала и потихоньку набирала вес. Несмотря на серьезное лечение, кроха каждый день удивляла свою приемную маму тем, насколько она сильна.

Через две недели котейка самостоятельно выбралась из своей корзинки и поползла по дому… 🙂

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Headed to Nashville this morning but wanted to give you guys an update on Little P ( we keep going back and forth on if she’s a boy or a girl! 🤷🏼‍♀️) is what I’m calling her for now. . We went to the vet yesterday to check on her progress and so far it’s been really good. The wound is healing very well and she is alert, active and eating well. She hasn’t gained much weight but hasn’t lost it either, so that’s a positive sign. Unfortunately, we have another concern now. We don’t know if she is a bit constipated or if there was damage from the maggots but she has a prolapsed rectum. I feel absolutely terrible to be leaving her at this time but she’s in great hands with @caymanthekitten who will be giving her fluids and taking care of her and her siblings until i’m back. . Please keep Little P in your thoughts still! Love you Little P, c’mon you got this!!❤️

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Девушка поняла, что приняла правильное решение, отказавшись усыплять животное. Ветеринар, не дававший крохе шансов на жизнь, был поражен прогрессом Пиппы. Рана почти зажила, но остались проблемы с прямой кишкой.

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Two weeks ago from yesterday, I took this little girl, Little P ( aka Pippa) to the vet after finding maggots in a huge wound right near her bum. I’m going to spare you the images but it looked bad. . . The vet said the wound was really deep for such a tiny thing and with the maggots possibly still in there, the prognosis was bad. He told me that I should euthanize her as she probably wouldn’t make 3 more days in my care. I was so torn. How do I euthanize her when she didn’t appear to be suffering yet? Yes, the wound would be uncomfortable but I didn’t think she was ready yet. . . I came home feeling so defeated that i would most likely lose her in 3 days. I understand that a big part of fostering and rescue is that we cannot save them all. However, I let my emotions get the best of me and I was questioning what I was doing with my life and why I changed my career path entirely to be based around saving more of these tiny lives. . . After a good cry and realizing me questioning my life wasn’t helping anything, I just continued to give her the best care that I could give her. . . 2 weeks and a day later, she’s still here. Although she still has a prolapsed rectum, we are managing it and she’s getting fluids daily, steadily gaining weight ( gained 100 grams in the two weeks!) and the wound looks so much better. She’s talkative, a purr machine and very active. . . Last night, I took a shower and when I came back upstairs – I noticed she got out of her basket and was crawling all over the floor. She and the rest of the crew are officially ready for an upgraded living space. . . Her struggle isn’t over yet, we still don’t know the extent of what the maggots have done and hopefully her bum fixes as she grows more but she’s fighting! . . For now, I am so very grateful that she has made it this far and continues to show me that we made the right decision that day and that she was not ready to give up.❤️

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МУРлыке потребуется операция, когда она подрастет, ну а пока нужно набраться сил.

Вскоре котейка воссоединилась с братиками и сестричками. Она обожает проводить с ними время, и это очень важно для ее социализации и здоровья.

Подробности истории можно узнать из видео:

Пиппа – настоящий борец! Она постоянно демонстрирует Джесс, что ей не нравится, когда девушка прибирается у нее или накладывает на рану малышки лечебную мазь. Котейка с каждым днем становится все больше и сильнее! 🙂

Маленькая проказница будет плакать до тех пор, пока не получит желаемое. Она требует к себе внимания, что очень умиляет Джесс.

Пиппа до сих пор остается чуть меньше в размерах по сравнению с братиками и сестричками, но она растет и набирает вес, а ее движения становятся более скоординированными!

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I know I’m biased but c’mon how cute is this little face? I don’t think it can get any more adorable! . . Pippa ( Little P) has good energy, eating well and gaining weight but still no change in the prolapse. Unfortunately, since she’s still learning how to pee and 💩on her own and because of the prolapse, wound and scar tissue – things in that area are just a little squished and it’s causing her to poop and pee on herself often. This is leading her to lose some fur on her legs and she’s developing a rash. For now, I am trying to keep her as clean as possible but it’s been a struggle pretty much a half hour after I clean her, she is dirty again. . . I feel so bad for her because I know that’s painful but she continues to show me just how strong she is! ❤️

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Ветеринар говорил, что котейка и трех дней не протянет… С тех пор прошло уже два месяца, и мы уверены, что Пиппа сможет полностью поправиться. 🙂

А все благодаря стараниям Джесс – ведь это именно она дала крохе шанс!

Кстати, вы уже знаете историю о псе, который сторожил сгоревший дом целый месяц, надеясь, что его хозяева вернутся…

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